Multiple Sclerosis – What are the Effects

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The human body is serviced by an extensive system of nerves that control the way the body functions. These nerves are protected by a fatty substance called myelin which insulates them from damage. If a person suffers from multiple sclerosis, the myelin is damaged thus blocking the impulses from the brain.

What is multiple sclerosis?

Multiple sclerosis is a central nervous system disorder characterized by damage to the messages transmitted to and from the brain. These messages generally control the way the body works. Thus,Guest Posting any damage can cause problems with vision, memory, balance and movement. It may also affect the ability to feel sensation, pain and vibration.

The human body is serviced by an extensive system of nerves that control the way the body functions. These nerves are protected by a fatty substance called myelin which insulates them from damage. If a person suffers from multiple sclerosis, the myelin is damaged thus blocking the impulses from the brain.

Symptoms of multiple sclerosis

The early symptoms include loss of vision, loss of balance, weakness, and numbness. These symptoms are not universal to all sufferers. In fact, some people suffer little more than intense fatigue while others may be so affected they may become paralyzed.

The term ‘sclerosis’ means scarring and anyone looking at the brain or the tissue of the spinal cord sees what looks like intense scarring.

The damage in multiple sclerosis is thought to be caused by an unusual reaction to infections. The immune system produces white blood cells that destroy dangerous bacteria or viruses. However, in cases of multiple sclerosis, the white cells attack healthy tissue like myelin and nerve cells. This is called an auto immune response.

What are the types of multiple sclerosis?

There are four main kinds of multiple sclerosis, with symptoms varying in severity. These are:


Relapsing/remitting (RRMS)

Secondary progressive (SPMS)

Primary progressive

People with benign multiple sclerosis may have the occasional attack while feeling perfectly healthy at other times. They suffer only a mild disability or no disability at all though medical examination shows evidence of multiple sclerosis damage to the brain. The lack of disability is because the damage may be in places in the brain that do not cause obvious disability or the damage is minimal.

More than fifty percent of sufferers start with relapsing/remitting multiple sclerosis in which they may suffer relapses two or three times a year with partial or complete recovery at other times. However, due to the gradual death of nerve cells and the myelin, the symptoms may get worse and more frequent. This takes them into the stage of secondary progressive multiple sclerosis (SPMS).

In secondary progressive multiple sclerosis or SPMS, the disability increases as there is a progressive loss of nerve cells. During this stage, the sufferer no longer has relapses and remissions and the disability becomes progressively worse.

There are some people who become more and more disabled without ever having relapses and remissions. This type of multiple sclerosis is called primary progressive multiple sclerosis.

How is it diagnosed?

Our bodies fight infection by producing white blood cells, a natural disease fighter. However, in people with multiple sclerosis, the protective covering of the nerve fibres (myelin) is also attacked by these white blood cells. One of the tests done to diagnose multiple sclerosis is a lumbar puncture. In this test, cerebrospinal fluid is extracted from the spine through a hollow needle and is examined for signs of this disease.

The hidden signs of multiple sclerosis can also be detected using an MRI (magnetic resonance image). This uses a combination of radio waves and magnetic fields that provide a detailed view of the brain and spinal cord. By using this, the lesions in the myelin can be detected.

Treatment and outlook

At this time, multiple sclerosis is incurable, although thre is research taking place globally in an effort to find a treatment that will slow down the progression of this illness. In the meantime, there are a number of options which may make life more bearable. Some doctors prescribe ACTH, a steroid that accelerates the healing actions of the body.

Though there is no scientific evidence that special diets are beneficial, anecdotal evidence suggests that diets such as gluten free diets or those low in animal fats do help.

Many multiple sclerosis sufferers seek out alternative therapies to relieve their symptoms. This may include acupuncture, homeopathy, and yoga.

For each person, the answer may be different and, though multiple sclerosis has no cure, it is important for the sufferer to find a positive way of living with this illness.


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The human body is the supreme creation of this entire world. In every pore of it ooze specialties. At the root of the body’s gross activities/functioning various miraculous specialties brim forth. When this gross material nature oriented portion of the human body made of 5 gross elements is so stupendous then its subtle existence’s potency is is byond the ken of our limited imagination. The fact of the matter is that the gross is totally dependent on the grace of subtle. This fact is showcased by the body’s very important unit called hormones. Not only do hormones design our activities and both outer-inner personalities but that due to their compassion important invisible capacities like life force,Guest Posting Prana energy, yearning to live as long as possible, emotions, sensitive nature, onrush etc become well developed and advanced.

The above scientific fact exhibits the deep import of the hidden mysterious subtle existence in the deep cave of the visible gross. But chiefly mankind has witnessed only the activities of the gross world and its nature and has mainly got influenced only by it. Many delusions harbored within along with grief/sorrow endured are the reactions of imbibing a superficial gross viewpoint only. The dire reaction of focusing our attention to only external mundane pleasure comforts/facilities is that our inner subtle energy founts and capacities got dried up. It is the stature of our inner core sensitivities that decide our external physical health status. The external form of trees can no doubt be noted in the form of fruits-flowers blooming on them yet at the fount of this external grandeur the existence that is at work dwells in its roots growing underground not seen by us. This definitely holds true for the bodily physical health too. The dry listlessness of the psyche to which are associated mental distortions noted in a person who despite oozing with good bodily health shall yet be called sick from the spiritual belief standpoint. The importance here is regarding these subtle unseen distortions that are invisible to our gross eyesight.

In the past many decades western allopath medical therapy has advanced with immense swiftness. For various illnesses and diseases life saving drugs has been unearthed. No doubt ailing humanity has accrued health benefits as a result of this. Modern scientists researching with diligent effort have opened such new aspects of healing and therapies that was previously totally unknown to us all. The human body has been studied very deeply. Via research studies in the arena of anatomy and physiology man grasped the all encompassing knowledge of bodily designing and its mode of functioning. A form has been placed before us all when due to disease attacks the body gets distorted and hence in order to heal it a medical therapy has been designed. The research studies of modern science has reached peaks since right from Sir Alexander Fleming discovering penicillin to today’s unearthing of antibiotics that kill disease causing microbes etc a lot of advancement in allopath mode of therapy has been witnessed. Despite all these attainments in the immense efforts made by material scientists of modern times a basic error has occurred. Whether medicines are taken via mouth (capsules etc) or via injections into the blood stream etc yet they do not reach very subtle centers of the body. These allopath medicines have relegated themselves merely to warding off symptoms of various diseases i.e. allopath has become virtually a symptomatic therapy. As a result of this apart from some aspects of surgical healing western allopath therapy does not give a permant cure for various diseases. This undesirable situation has manifested simply because we have failed to realize the deep import of the subtle and despite being aware of proof regarding the great power of subtle we negate and ignore it at our peril. Despite the most modern healing methods for various diseases being available the number and measure of diseases has augmented alarmingly the world over. In allopath therapy when one disease is cured a new one erupts as side effect of the allopath medicine administered. Thus in the name of healing only despair is our lot.

Today there is a dire requirement of such a method of healing that can cure mankind in totality. All modes of medical therapy prevailing today must be researched into anew from the reformation standpoint. It includes in a major way uprooting mental distortions and with firmness rendering optimally balanced mismanagement that set in our bodily functioning especially when diseases attack it. It is hence that in the form of an alternative mode of medicinal cure great Rishis of yore designed the Yajna method of healing called Yajnopathy by us. On noting that from the modern mindset standpoint there is a requirement of neo creating it a research center and institute has been set up for this.

For rendering human health both mentally and physically optimally sound Rishi literature brims with knowledge with reference to overcoming soul-mental-physical ailments and thus augmenting good health in an all inclusive manner. The Rishi fraternity has hiven immense weight age to the bodily designing and its functional aspects and the smooth relationship between man’s thinking process-pious sensitive sentiments and beliefs-faith. It was for this reason that in the Rishi era of yore social managementhaving reached pinnacles of glory was termed Satyuga or the Golden Era. In that glorious era world humanity enjoyed permanent good health both physically and mentally. Yajna only is that medium via which medicines that are very nourishing and briiming with divine qualities can be transported to very subtle centers of the body, mind and soul. Other medicines not administered via Super Power Yajnas cannot reach those centers where the roots of subtle disease symptoms are present. Bang against this, medicines rendered gaseous via Yajna fire, through various bodily openings reach these very innermost subtle centers and exhibit their immediate good health bestowing effect. Thus mankind gets immense relief from pain and agony. This Science of Yajna in ancient eras had reached peaks of glory and Rishi scientists in those times by researching profoundly within this realm reinstated this Yajna Science on a prime spot. In the middle eras therafter many distortions and discrepancies entered this science. The result of this was that this procedure of offering forest medicinal herbs to Yajna fire with deep faith got limited merely to burning materials in fire in a superficial manner. Keeping in mind today’s fearful world situations a divine inspiration has dawned wherein via the most modern scientific research study be conducted so as to examine the authenticity and beneficial aspect of this most ancient Indian Science of Super Power Yajnas. Thus we can give world humanity such a wonderful gift that in the future 1000 years to usher in Yajna Science takes a form of good health augmenting in an n fold measure.

In reality diseases are a type of distortion that shower down on human beings in the form of Mother Nature’s punishment since we arrogantly cross all limits of maintaining a mentally and physically healthy lifestyle. Mankind must adhere to certain specific laws of nature as far as eating, drinking, sleeping etc habits are concerned. All food materials par taken by us all is a boon from Mother Nature or Prakriti. It may be in the form of fruits, chillies, Masalas etc. We invite diseases via uncontrolled taste buds and living a lifestyle that is opposed to nature and green living. USA’s renowned Dr MD Pashiney opines: Cause of diseases erupting is just not foreign agents or microbes etc attacking our body, but that it is very weak life force or Prana energy in our body. Hence for warding off diseases not only must microbes be killed but that those causes should be uprooted hook line and sinker that aid in augmenting of disease causing agents like germs etc. It is the unruly behavior of our tainted brain that attacks us only in the form of bodily pain, mental restlessness/stress and soul harassment. Hence more than healing the disease’s symptoms more weight age should be given to the fact that no more opportunities must be given to these diseases to attack us again in future. The ancient Indian Yajna Science gives us a path of overcoming this undesirable condition. Super Power Yajnas are called the Father of Religion. Great Rishi literature gives a detailed description of various aspects of Yajna Science that leads to healing diseases, augmenting good health, living in tandem with Mother Nature or a go green lifestyle, increasing lush greenery all over the world etc. In order to test this aspect of Yajna therapy using modern scientific research techniques and researching into deep imports of it given by great Rishis of yore such a scientific research laboratory was required as is seen on our campus at Shantikunj (HQ OF ALL WORLD GAYATRI FAMILY-Haridwar-India) called Brahmavarchas Shodha Sansthan or Brahmavarchas Research Institute.

From the standpoint of physical therapy many healing methods are in vogue yet in order to successfully treat mental/psychological ailments by uprooting them from their very foundation, no statisfactory therapy and healing method is available. We may find many people who are physically healthy yet the number of people who are well balanced, deep thinkers, gentlemanly both within and without and ethical is quite miniscule. The goal of this preliminary research studies with reference to Yajna Science is how do medicinal forest herbs offered in Yajna fire, worship rites done with devotional faith, Mantra chanting’s sound energy waves and other aspects help in warding off various diseases and imbue mankind with an all round advanced health.

Doctors who make ample use of present day therapies in vogue like allopath etc and patients who are administered such therapies opine that only 25% health benefits accrue. The remaining is but full of despair. No doubt allopath medicines on an immediate basis give relief yet when the medicinal effect wears out the disease again manifests. Further these allopath medicines decrease our life force a lot and since foreign agents gather in our body via these medicines many side effects appear in the form of newer diseases. Thus this effort of curing illnesses renders permanent our ill health only.

The foundation pillars of Yajna therapy are firm and strong. From it such hope can be harbored that not only bodily but that mental diseases can be warded off right from their roots. The basic philosophy of Yajnopathy is to transport medicines to the very root centers of all diseases. Human life is totally dependent on breathing air. Via inhalation/exhalation of air oxygen enters our blood stream and thus distortions there are destroyed. For any material to enter the blood stream the easiest path is the respiratory system via which we inhale/exhale air. It is based on this principle that during surgeries and operations patients are rendered unconscious temporarily by administering them choloroform, ether, nitrous oxides and other anesthesia medicines. When a patient turns breathless or at the point of death by giving the patient oxygen via inhalation from the nostrils doctors try to bring back to life these about to die patients. Fresh clean air is hence said to be most required to remain healthy. In western countries heavy industrialization no doubt has given them a lot of joyous comforts and material grandeur yet unfortunately since along with it environmental pollution has reached such dire peaks, so many newer diseases also have emerged on a war footing. A survey report tabled tells us that the highest number of patients afflicted with respiratory disorders like coughing, asthma, common cold etc are found in areas where heavy industrialization is the most. There is a direct relation between the amount of radioactivity augmenting in the atmosphere and the increasing number of nuclear club members. The gist of all this is that we cannot even imagine that we shall remain healthy without clean pure air for breathing and the utility of the respiratory path for administering medicines. Amongst various benefits accrued via Yajna healing lest warding off environmental pollution is one aspect then its 2nd aspect definitely is that by inducing medicines to enter the blood stream, disease causing agents get destroyed and that our Prana energy and life force augments manifold.

The word Yajna has 3 meanings. They are charity, worshiping Almighty God and congregating to execute great world welfare tasks. In a certain sense these maybe called generosity, supreme greatness and cooperation. In this very life itself any one the world over who imbibes Yajna Philosophy in day to day transactions deeply shall be rendered soundly healthy, materially/spiritually prosperous and highly cultured in a sacred manner. Such a person never experiences lack as far as inner happiness and external zest is concerned. Those who encourage others to perform Yajna actions and themselves participate in it wholeheartedly are made to understand while discussing every step of Yajna methodology that ceaselessly their thinking process-character, standpoint and social behavior externally must march speedily ahead towards greatness and glory. The Udgata sings this. The Ardhavyu teaches us this only, Brahma makes plans for this and the Acharya has to make such arrangements that in this very manner sacred sentimental flow hovers ceaselessly in the surrounding environment. Behind disease healing this very fact is at work albeit subtly that a person leading an ethical, honest lifestyle remains disease free mostly, powerful both mentally and physically and lives a long healthy happy life.

The auspicious commencement of scientific research studies regarding Yajna Science has been done by touching upon some aspects like uprooting diseases via Super Power Yajnas , good health augmenting, rendering Prakriti or nature well balanced, growing more and more lush greenery everywhere, rendering divine powers conducive, educating world society, awakening energy and also finding out whether any Yajna based distortions and discrepancies exist. The periphery of research is limitless. Yet in the form of preliminary efforts these very 8 leading aspects of Yajna Science have been taken up for examining their authenticity and utility value using contemporary modern scientific research techniques.

The research of Yajna procedure has various aspects like the fumes emitted by Yajna fire when materials are offered to it, Yajna remnants, Yajna energy, sound energy dwelling in Mantra chanting, the inner personality of the Yajna priests and fasting, observing Mauna or silence of speech, atonement of sins etc along with all austerities conjoined to religious ritual programs (Dharmanushthans). No doubt these goals are detailed in various scriptures yet that type of detail regarding their methodology, proportion and do’s and don’ts are not available on the basis of which we can definitely say that diseases shall get cured. In order to render Yajna Science compact in an all encompassing way the symbolic methods detailed in scriptures shall have to be made scientific and all inclusive or holistic. This is possible to attain via modern scientific research techniques.

Regarding the above’s description, the extent to which modern scientists have accrued from it one can gauge the authenticity of all these applications. Although no detailed analysis in a scientific manner is available with reference to these applications elucidated in mythological tales, yet hints can definitely be found in this direction. It is described that only via Yajna procedure that Lord Rama was born, the long life attained by Rishi Chyavan, Apala getting cured of a deadly disease etc. Rishi Charak and Sushrut had in fact systematically established a Nasya Department. Lord Dhanvantari had cured the most deadly complex disease via this Yajna process of gasification of herbs offered to fire as given in many descriptions in various scriptures. By giving forest herbs importance synonymous with divinity the way in which its great wholesome usage has been depicted in spiritual texts on noting it we perforce have to bow down in respect to India’s ancient glory. Yet as we have already said before in today’s modern contemporary context a system was required to render all these facts intellectually acceptable to today’s scientifically thinking human beings and hence place ample logic and proof for the same. Hence for succeeding in this endeavor the Brahmavarchas Shodh Sansthan or Brahmavarchas Research Institute.

In Super Power Yajnas for worshiping fire many types of materials are used called Havishya. Havishya material is decided depending on which disease that particular patient performing the Yajna is afflicted with. Both principles i.e. strength increasing and disease destroying ones have to be given due attention. In order to understand the basic nature of Yajna therapy we must deeply understand the theory of vaporization from the modern scientific standpoint.